Yoruba Maternity Divination Small Altar / Pedestal Stool, Nigeria #36

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  • Yoruba Maternity Divination Small Altar / Pedestal Stool, Nigeria #36
  • Materials: Wood
  • Dimensions: 11.42 Inches height
  • Throughout Africa, Maternity Figures depict the ideals of beauty, fertility, character, and action and many signify much more, whether the primordial mother or a legendary founding ancestor. Commonly used as shrine figures, they were often objects of petitions or prayers for fertility and successful births. The prevalence of the maternity theme testifies to the importance of women and children to the continuity of each people.
  • Wearing a high crest classic Yoruba hairstyle, she also has the deep keloid scarification marks of Yoruba Nobles on the body.
  • Classic Yoruba beauty emphasis is seen in the wide bulging eyes, full lips, wide hips, and large bosom are also distinctive markers of traditional Yoruba statuary.
  • The main Yoruba cults are the Gélédé, Epa, Ogboni, and the Esu cult, through which a very wide variety of deities are involved.
  • Age approx mid-20th Century.