You may have always thought of birthstones as simply being categorized by the month in which you were born. As the tradition has been alive since ancient times, a variety of ways to group birthstones have developed and evolved throughout the years: modern, traditional, mystical, Ayurvedic, Hebrew, planetary and by zodiac sign. For your ease, we have grouped all the stones in each of these categories with their applicable month, so that no matter what type of birthstone you're looking for, you can find it. 


In case you were curious:

-  "Traditional" birthstones are ancient and were society based, frequently matching up to the Gregorian calendar. A charming little collection of short poems related to these such birthstones, was published in a pamphlet for Tiffany & Co released in 1917. To read, click here.

- The "modern" classification of birthstones was created in 1912 by the (American) National Association of Jewelers, in an effort to standardize the practice.

"Mystical" birthstones originated with the Tibetans. 

- "Ayurvedic" birthstones come from the traditions of ancient India, where birthstones played a role in medicine and philosophy. 

-  "Hebrew" birthstones date back to the Judeo-Christian belief in the correlation between the 12 stones in Aaron's breastplate, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. They can also correspond to the 12 tribes of Israel

- "Planetary" stones pull together the ideas of Ayurvedic medicine and astrology, with different stones used to harmonize the energy from the planets and their influence on your life.  

- Zodiac birthstones relate to astrology, specifically the sun sign under which you were born. 



Modern: Garnet

Traditional: Garnet

Mystical: Emerald 

Ayurvedic:  Garnet

Hebrew: Garnet

Planetary: Lapis Lazuli

Zodiac: Ruby


Modern: Amethyst

Traditional: Amethyst

Mystical: Bloodstone

Ayurvedic:  Amethyst  

Hebrew: Amethyst

Planetary: Turquoise

Zodiac: Ruby


Modern: Aquamarine

Traditional: Bloodstone 

Mystical: Jade

Ayurvedic:  Bloodstone

Hebrew: Bloodstone

Planetary: Aquamarine

Zodiac: Amethyst


Modern: Diamond

Traditional: Diamond

Mystical: Opal

Ayurvedic:  Diamond

Hebrew: Sapphire

Planetary: Jasper

Zodiac: Bloodstone


Modern: Emerald

Traditional: Emerald

Mystical: Sapphire

Ayurvedic:  Agate 

Hebrew: Agate

Planetary: Aventurine 

Zodiac: Sapphire



Modern: Pearl

Traditional: Alexandrite

Mystical: Moonstone

Ayurvedic:  Pearl

Hebrew: Emerald

Planetary: Tiger Eye

Zodiac: Agate 


Modern: Ruby

Traditional: Ruby

Mystical: Ruby 

Ayurvedic:  Ruby 

Hebrew: Onyx

Planetary: Moonstone

Zodiac: Emerald




Modern: Peridot 

Traditional: Sardonyx

Mystical: Diamond

Ayurvedic:  Sapphire 

Hebrew: Carnelian 

Planetary: Rock Crystal 

Zodiac: Onyx


Modern: Sapphire

Traditional: Sapphire

Mystical: Agate

Ayurvedic:  Moonstone

Hebrew: Peridot

Planetary: Citrine 

Zodiac: Carnelian


Modern: Opal 

Traditional: Tourmaline 

Mystical: Jasper

Ayurvedic:  Opal 

Hebrew: Aquamarine / Beryl

Planetary: Sapphire

Zodiac: Peridot


Modern: Yellow Topaz 

Traditional: Citrine

Mystical: Pearl

Ayurvedic:  Topaz

Hebrew: Yellow Topaz

Planetary: Garnet

Zodiac: Beryl



Modern: Blue Topaz

Traditional: Blue Zircon

Mystical: Onyx

Ayurvedic:  Ruby

Hebrew: Ruby

Planetary: Topaz

Zodiac: Topaz