PLEASE NOTE: We no longer repair Energy Muse designs that do not fall within our standard repair policy below. 

 Do you have a piece of jewelry you need repaired or want to create a custom design? Here's a handy guideline to our service fees.  

In all cases, please note that all labor must be paid for in full before work begins.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and look forward to working with you! 

* Fees do not include the cost of materials



TYPE A:  Necklaces Using Soft Flex Wire:

Necklaces Using Soft Flex Wire (15”-25” long): $25 per Strand

Necklaces-Using Soft Flex Wire (25”-35” long): $30 per Strand

Necklaces-Using Soft Flex Wire Over 35”:         $30 Plus Each $1 per additional INCH.

Multi Strands Necklaces on Soft Flex Wire:        $25 for the 1st Strand and $20 per additional Strand


TYPE B:  Necklaces Using Silk Threads:

WITHOUT Knots: Follow the same labor fees as in TYPE A (Necklaces Using Soft Flex Wire)

WITH Knots:  $1 per knot (Minimum Charge $25)

Multiple Strands: Count the number of Knots X $1  (Minimum Charge $25/STRAND)


TYPE C: Adjustable Necklaces 

Sliding Knot Clasping Fee:    $6 per Necklace


TYPE D: Mala Restring Fees

WITHOUT Knots for Bead Size 8mm and Up:    Minimum Charge $35  

WITHOUT Knots for Bead Size 8mm and Less: Minimum Charge $45

WITH Knots:                                                        $1 per Knot (Minimum Charge $35)

Attaching Already Made Tassel:                          $5/Tassel


TYPE E: Chain Necklaces 

Chain Clasping Fee:    $6 

Figure 8 Clasping Fee: $6



TYPE A:  Elastic Bracelets:

Labor Fee: $12 Per Strand

Tying a knot for Elastic Bracelet: $ 5


TYPE B:  Bracelet Using Soft Flex Wire, Nylon, etc. (NO Knots-Straight Restring)

Single Strand Bracelet: $15

Multiple Strands:  1st Strand $15 and $10 for each Additional Strand


TYPE C:  Bracelets Using Silk Threads:

WITHOUT Knots: $15 per Bracelet

WITH Knots: $1 per Knot (Minimum Charge $15)

Multiple Strands with Knots: Count the number of Knots X $1 (Minimum Charge $15 Per Strand)


TYPE D: Adjustable Bracelets: 

Sliding Knot Clasping Fee: $6 per Necklace



Simple Drop Earrings:  $10 Per Pair (Using Head Pins)

All Stud Earrings:         $10 Per Pair

Making Teardrops Cap Earrings: $10 Per Drop ($20/Pair)



Simple Wire Wrap: $6

*Please Note that we no longer do complex Wire/Cage Wrappings*


Miscellaneous Repairs 

Attaching Jumping:  $2 per Jump Ring

Linking using Wire:  $3 per Link  (Using Eye Pins)

Figure 8 Linking:      $8 per Link


If you are mailing in an item to be repaired, please call or e-mail first and speak to a staff member. Please address it to the staff member at Beads of Paradise and send it via insured carrier.


Please Note: It is our policy that NO Labor is done “on the spot”/”while you wait”. Any exceptions to this are at the discretion of the management and only at the discretion of the management. All items at Beads of Paradise are sold “As Is” with no warranty implied or expressed. If you have a problem with one of your purchases, please ask to see a manager. Thank you for your understanding.