Beads of Paradise welcomes all rentals. 

  Rentals are as follows:


  - 25% of retail value for selected items for 2  DAY RENTAL.

  -  35% of retail value for selected items for  up to 6 DAY RENTAL.

  - 50% of retail value for selected item for 6+ DAY RENTAL.

 We do not, at anytime, give loans, secured  or  unsecured.

The rental fee must be paid the same day that the merchandise is taken from the store. The fee may be paid cash or charge. A full security deposit, equaling the total retail value of the rented items must be put on a credit card only.

The credit card used must be issued to the person who is in the store, pulling the rental.

The RENTAL FORM provided by Beads of Paradise must be completed, dated and signed.

The maximum rental time is 10 days. If not returned within 10 days, the full amount of the retail value will be charged as a sale to the client.