Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What classes do you offer?

A: Currently, we have the Findings Crash Course, which is best for those of you just starting out and dipping your toes into jewelry making. It's a solid foundation in the basic techniques that you'll need to get started. 


Q: Can I bring my child to one of your classes or do you offer children's classes?

A: We  love kids, but we keep our classes to those aged 13 and up. 


Q: How many people can I expect to be in a class? 

A: The number varies, but the limit for any class is 8 people. We want to make sure that everyone can get the attention they deserve. 


Q: Do you offer private classes?

A: It depends on a variety of factors. Get in touch with us to let us know what you're interested in learning, and we'll let you know if it's a possibility.  


Q: Can you fix my jewelry? What kind of repair services do you offer?

A : Our staff take on a variety of projects and have been known to fix many a beloved but broken piece of jewelry. We do a lot of restringing, reinventing, wire wrapping, knotting, etc. We always recommend bringing a piece in for us to see - it's the best way for us to tell what needs to be done and if we can fix it for you. Something we definitely don't do, however, is soldering. For an overview of our repair and custom design labor fees, please see  here. 


Q: Do you sell at wholesale prices and how would I sign up for that?  

A: We do indeed sell at wholesale prices to those who meet our requirements. We have a general policy and a Wholesale Plus+ program for larger companies than would truly like to purchase in bulk. To learn about our wholesale policies, please see here

Q: Do you buy consignment? Would you buy the things I made?  

A: We truly love that you're making things, but unfortunately we do not buy things consignment or purchase outside work.   


Q: If you don't have something I'm looking for, is it possible for you to order it? Do you take requests? 

A: We love working with you when possible. Please send us a picture and or a description of what you're interested in and we'll be in touch.


Q: What is your return policy? 

A: Unused merchandise purchased via the website may be returned for refund within 30 days of receipt. Shipping costs are not refundable. Standard repairs and jewelry made in-house are guaranteed under reasonable use for 1 month from original purchase date for defects in materials and craftsmanship. All repairs are performed at the discretion of management. All returns are at the discretion of the Management. Beads of Paradise reserves the right to refuse a return at any time for any reason.

If you need to return a purchase, please just reach out to us and let us know via e-mail, so we can expect its arrival. 


Have a question that we didn't answer here? Let us know and we'll get back to you