Yoruba Maternity Eshu Ancestor Figure, Nigeria #328

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  • Yoruba Maternity Eshu Ancestor Figure, Nigeria #328
  • Stylistic Yoruba ancestor figure from Nigeria. Eshu is a deity - orisha - in the Yoruba pantheon which is very widely celebrated.
  • Eshu is the messenger ; he is the mischievous, the cunning, the shrewd.
  • Ambiguous character, he is represented through feminine and masculine figures, in a good or bad situation ; it exists to provoke men and to allow questioning in order to seek the truth.
  • The figure carries a baby on her back.
  • Measurements: 37×10×10 cm
  • Custom made stand is included 
  • Exhibiting a wide diversity in size, symbolism, intimacy and style, African maternity figures depict the ideals of beauty, fertility, character and action and many signify much more, whether the primordial mother or a legendary founding ancestor. Commonly used as shrine figures, they were often objects of petitions or prayers for fertility and successful births. The prevelance of the maternity theme testifies to the importance of women and children to the continuity of each people.