Real Grade A 100% Natural Green Jade Jadeite Kwan Yin and the Dragon Pendant

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  • Real Grade A 100% Natural Green Jade Jadeite Kwan Yin and the Dragon Pendant 
  • Kwan Yin and the Dragon:
    The Son of the Dragon King (a Ruler-God of the Sea) was caught by a fisherman while taking the form of a Fish. Being stuck on land, he was unable to transform back into his Dragon form. His Father, despite being a mighty Dragon King, was unable to do anything while his Son was on land. Distressed, the Son called out to all of Heaven and Earth.
  • Hearing his cry, Kwan Yin quickly sent Her Disciple to recover the Fish and gave him all the money She had. The fish at this point was about to be sold in the Market. It was causing quite a stir as it was alive hours after being caught. This drew a much larger crowd than usual at the Market. Many people decided that this prodigious situation meant that eating the Fish would grant them Immortality, and so all present wanted to buy the Fish. Soon a bidding war started, and Quan Yin’s Disciple was easily outbid.
  • He begged the fish seller to spare the life of the Fish. The crowd, now angry at someone so daring, was about to chase him away from the Fish when Kwan Yin projected Her voice from far away, saying “A life should definitely belong to one who tries to save it, not one who tries to take it.”
  • The crowd realizing their shameful actions and desire, dispersed. The Fish was brought back to Kwan Yin, who promptly returned it to the Sea. There the Fish transformed back to a Dragon and returned home.
  • But the story does not end here. As a reward for Kwan Yin’s help saving his Son, the Dragon King sent his Daughter, a girl called Lung Nue (“Dragon Girl”), to present to Kwan Yin the ‘Pearl of Light’. The ‘Pearl of Light’ was a precious jewel owned by the Dragon King that shines constantly for all Eternity.
  • The Embodiment of Compassion, Kwan Yin is known as “She Who Hears the Cries of the World.” One of Buddhism’s most beloved Bodhisattvas, She also holds a special place in the hearts of people of other Faiths, including Daoists and Confucianists.
  • Kwan Yin is the Protector of Women, Children, Sailors, Fishermen, Anyone in Trouble, and the Sick, Disabled, and Poor. Some Buddhist schools present her as male and female interchangeably. The idea is that a Bodhisattva—a Being of Great Realization who vows to forego Enlightenment until all sentient beings are liberated—can manifest in whatever form will most effectively free beings from suffering.
  • Kwan Yin originated in India as Avalokiteshvara, the male Bodhisattva of Compassion. He was introduced to China in the early centuries of the Common Era, but apparently there was a hunger for a Feminine Face of Compassion, and by the Eighth Century female forms of Avalokiteshvara emerged. By the Ninth Century, Kwan Yin had become the main representation of Compassion in China, and from there Her veneration spread across Asia.
  • Eventually, She became known by many names, including Kannon in Japan and Quan Am in Vietnam.
  • According to legend, Kwan Yin tried so strenuously to alleviate the suffering of beings that Her head split into eleven pieces. Wanting to help, Amitabha Buddha awarded Her eleven heads with which to Hear the Cries of the World, but when She heard all the cries and reached out to address the needs of so many, Her two arms shattered. This time, Amitabha gave Kwan Yin a Thousand Arms, and it’s said that even now She’s still using those arms to offer Her compassion to all.
    Andrea Miller is the deputy editor of Lion’s Roar magazine. She’s the author of Awakening My Heart: Essays, Articles, and Interviews on the Buddhist Life, as well as the picture book The Day the Buddha Woke Up.
  • Weight: 33.8g
  • Highly skilled Traditional Artisan hand carving from China. 
  • Jadeite is found in rocks that formed under higher pressure than Nephrite. Most known deposits of Jadeite occur along, or near faults in Serpentinites. Examples of this type of deposit are found in Burma, Guatemala, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, Guyana, Surinam, Southern Europe, Russia and China.