Yoruba Kola Nut Divination Bowl, Nigeria #1151 PROVENANCE

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  • Yoruba Kola Nut Divination Bowl, Nigeria #1151 PROVENANCE
    The main Yoruba Cults are the Gelede, Epa, Ogboni, and the Worship of Esu, through which a very wide variety of Deities intervene. In the Yoruba Pantheon, Orunmila is the Deity "Orisa" that is consulted in case of problems through Divination Ifà.
  • Birds in Yoruba Iconography signify a Divine Force called áshe (ah-SHEY)—the Power to Make Things Happen—which only the highest Yoruba men and women possess. The Birds connote the áshe of the King and of a group of elderly women called "The Mothers" who support him.
  • This type of Ritual Cup meant to contain Sacred Palm Nuts was used in Yoruba Divination Rites. Focused on the Veneration of its Gods, or Orisha, Yoruba Religion relies on artistic sculptures with Coded Messages (Aroko).
  • They are designed by Shamans and Sculptors at the request of Followers, Soothsayers and their Customers. These Spirits are supposed to intercede with the Supreme God Olodumare.
  • CONDITION: fine patina of ritual use and care. Please note the only abrasion on the bottom of the bowl. This would have been a highly charged and cared for object by its Shaman User, and would not have been seen in a public area/ Shrine or left unattended or unwrapped when not in use. Condition is excellent, original, authentic. Circa 1940s or earlier 
  • DIMENSIONS: 6” high with bowl and base approx 5” and 4” wide respectively. A modest yet important object with a very fine Provenance.
  • Provenance: From the collection of Ursula Voorhuis (1932-2021), St. Agatha, The Netherlands. She was the first Collector/Dealer who brought Yoruba Art to the attention of Western Dealers and Collectors.