Yoruba Male Equestrian Epa Figure, Nigeria #410

$ 2,600.00 $ 1,300.00

  • Yoruba Male Equestrian Epa Figure, Nigeria #410
  • An item of Divinatory nature representing the God Olorum surrounded by Orisha, Divine Spirits who act as an Intermediary with the Supreme God Olorun. Each statuette is different, since there are different motivations that lead to its Creation, as subjective is the choice of the Orisha which are a kind of Guardian Angels of the person. All is defined in a Ceremony called "the Hand of Orula" conducted by a Priest.
  • This statuette is in exceptional preservation condition, has no breaks or shortcomings, and features its original patina and original colors. The cracks are due to the seasoning of the wood.
  • Measurements: 39×15×15 cm
  • Figures were placed on Altars in Shrines or displayed at special Ceremonies. Leaders and Ancestors were often displayed on Horseback to support their Status as Great Warriors or Leaders. Several are depicted in colonial wear.
  • The works from the Epa Association honor Deities and Cultural Heroes at masked festivals. The large base heads, of deceased Ancestors, are treated with less naturalism than the superstructure. They depict and honor Warriors, Hunters and Rulers with their entourages in impressive sculptural form.