Yoruba Gelede Mask, Nigeria #215

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  • Yoruba Gelede Mask, Nigeria #215
  • An amazing Gelede Mask, Yoruba, Nigeria, mounted by a team of a Marionettes, (the two persons on top), who are holding a Coffin in their hands. The figures are moveable by strings, with a small window inlaid so that one may view the inside of the Coffin to the Cadaver. "
  • Qui est propre?" translates to "Who is clean?"
  • This type of Mask might have been worn at Funeral Ceremonies and expresses humor and irony with a subliminal laugh that is alien to Western Christian Funerals.
  • Gelede Headdresses (not Masks as these sit ON the head and not across the face) are one of the few among the Yoruba People to celebrate Female Forces.
  • The Gelede is performed by the Yoruba-Nago Community spread over Benin, Nigeria and Togo. For more than a Century, this Ceremony has been performed to pay tribute to the Primordial Mother Iyà Nlà, and to the role Women play in the process of Social Organization and Development of Yoruba society.
  • Gelede is also a Festival of Masks performed in veneration of the Society's Powerful Older Women, the Iyami.
  • Egbado Yoruba Communities perform Gelede annually, at which time they formally recognize the Powers of the Iyami, and solicit their Benevolence to ensure the Prosperity of the Community.
  • Materials: wood construction with colorful painted surfaces, partly covered with fabrics.
  • Measurements:  43×21×45 cm
  • Age: Mid to Later 20th Century 
  • Condition: Excellent, Authentic and Used. All attachments intact.
  • Origin is Yoruba People, Nigeria