Yoruba Egungun Headdress with Kaolin Pigment, Nigeria #1157 PROVENANCE

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  • Yoruba Egungun Headdress with Kaolin Pigment, Nigeria #1157 PROVENANCE
  • Yoruba Masquerade Headdress for Ancestor Reverence, or the Ancestors Themselves as a Collective Force.
  • Egungun is a visible manifestation of the Spirits of Departed Ancestors who periodically revisit the human community for remembrance, celebration, and blessings.
  • Kaolin taken from Riverbeds, which was associated with Healing and with a Spiritual, Ancestral Realm of Existence, was applied to the surface of the Mask.
  • By using this material, the Artist both celebrated the beauty of a mortal woman and transformed her into a Transcendent Being
  • Egún is the Yoruba word for “Ancestors.” Egún in a slightly different Yoruba tone also means “bones.” This Yoruba word and its double meaning connect Ancestors to the bones of the human body, emphasizing the interconnectedness between Ancestors and living descendants.
  • Provenance: From the collection of Ursula Voorhuis (1932-2021), St. Agatha, The Netherlands. She was the first Collector/Dealer who brought Yoruba Art under the attention of Western Dealers and Collectors.
  • Origin is Yoruba People, Nigeria