Yaure Mask with Rooster, Côte d'Ivoire #912

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  • Yaure Mask with Rooster, Côte d'Ivoire #912
  • African Yaure Mask with a Rooster
  • Measurements: 51×22×1 cm
  • Condition: Excellent
  • The Yaure are a small Ethnic Group inhabiting the Central Region of Côte d’Ivoire. Yaure History is closely linked with that of the Baule People, since they were part of the migration of the Akan peoples from Ghana as the Ashante Kingdom rose to power during the 18th century.
  • The Yaure People are well known for their striking Portrait Masks. Although they display artistic elements of their Neighbors, the Baule and Guro Peoples, there are some distinctive features which make these Masks particularly appealing. The most common of these elements are the serrated edges surrounding the border of the face.
  • The Yaure produced two types of Masks, those that were black or dark coffee toned, and those that were brightly painted with polychrome colors.
    The darker ones were used in Funeral Processions, and are highly-prized by collectors for their stark beauty. Known as "Lo" masks, their purpose was to appease supernatural powers known as "Yu."
  • The "Yu", though vital for life, could also destroy, so veneration was important to ease the understandable social and spiritual tension present after the Death of an Elder.
  • The more colorful masks are difficult to differentiate from those of Guro People, and probably have similar functions, which are many, from Judicial Proceedings to Magical Ceremonies.
  • Masks of this type represent human faces supplemented by animal attributes. The styles of Yaure Masks inspired their neighbors to develop Masks of a type similar in design; they evince stylistic influences of the Guro People, with whom the Yaure are related.
  • In the present example here, the slightly open mouth and downward introspective gaze as well as the narrow nose recall the Gu Masks of the neighboring Guro.