Vintage Silk Hand-Painted Tiger Full Length Kimono

$ 625.00

  • Vintage Silk Hand-Painted Tiger Full Length Kimono 4
  • Material: 100% Hand-Painted Silk
  • Age: mid top late 20th Century
  • Condition: Good. Some small holes from long term wear. Condition of the Tiger Painting is Excellent.
  • Lining: Degree to lining; shoulder lined only. Material of lining: rayon acetate.
  • Size: Men: Medium to Large/ Women: Large to XL
  • Note: Although most likely custom/ commission created as Men's Wear, would easily fit and be comfortable on Women Large to XL size. 
  • Suitable for Collectors or Interior Design and Textile Artwork Display.
  • Origin: Japan, Mid to Late 20th Century, hand selected and curated by BOP owner Brian