Vintage Hmong Shaman Brass & Bronze Meditation Thumb Bell Rings

$ 285.00

  • Vintage Hmong Shaman Brass & Bronze Bells
  • A rare ritual instrument of the H‘mong People in Vietnam.
  • Placed on the thumb, the ring can be used to produce a fine, resounding tone which can be modified with the remaining fingers.
  • Since ancient times, Shamans, Monks and Nuns have used bells as part of their daily meditation practices. Among other things, bells are considered a meditation enhancer, as they help practitioners keep their attention focused on the present moment.
  • Origin is Vietnam and Laos. The Three Rings shown in the photo were collected in the 1980's in Laos
  • - Sold separately; all approx:  2.5” across 
  • - A: $285.
  • - B: $285.
  • - C: $285.