Vintage Dao Celestial Crown / Headpiece

$ 485.00

  • Vintage Black Dao Celestial Crown / Headpiece
  • The Black Dao adopted a rectangular form/ support for surrounding Celestial Crown Disk. Within the topmost tier, a circular Celestial Star with Eight Points has been mounted. Sinuous "hair braids" made of flat finely braided nylon fiber create the Crown's base, and add to the height. The aluminum Crown is secured to the nylon coiled hair base by a set of aluminum chopsticks that attach the Crown element to the nylon hair base.
  • The Dao (pronounced “Zao”) people of Vietnam first arrived from China in the 18th century. Part of the Hmong-Dao language group, they number about 630,000 and are found all across Vietnam’s northern provinces.
  • Measurements approx. 9" tall, head circumference is 20"
  • Age: Mid to late 20th century
  • Origin: Tam Duong District, Northwest Vietnam