19th Century Venetian Red Wound Beads with Red Eyes Strand

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    • Extremely rare 19th Century Venetian hand wound, drawn and inlaid lamp beads in bright yellow color with large inlaid "Eyes" in brilliant red color, outlined in a separately inlaid intense black cane.
    • Originally created in Venice and Murano Italy, a torch or high intensity flame glass lamp was used to melt glass canes or rods. Once in a molten state, the glass bead was formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements. Often a winding technique can be seen in the body of the glass bead. Intricate patterns, especially favored were "Eye"s, were created by melting or inlaying other colored canes of glass into the base bead.
    • Eye beads were (and are) highly valued in many traditional cultures worldwide as strong talismans to deflect the "Evil Eye" or malevolent intent back to its origin.
    • These rare and "foreign" glass beads were highly valued trade commodities in Africa, especially this type of brilliant coloration, and became the highest level Prestige and Dowry Currency throughout the African Continent. The most rare and beautiful were often collected and worn by African Kings and their Royal Courts.
    • Length : Approx. 43" (Beaded Section 40")
    • Bead Size Approx. : 10 x 16mm
    • The beads in this strand are in excellent condition and in the original configuration of the market strand as purchased in Mali, West Africa years ago.