Variscite 6mm Smooth Rounds

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  • Variscite 6mm Smooth Rounds
  • Approx Measurements: 15" long
  • What is the difference between Turquoise and Variscite?
    Simply, Variscite is a brighter green and typically has less complex matrix than it's sister Turquoise, and is identified it as its own mineral.
  • Variscite is usually greener than Turquoise. In addition, gemologists can also easily identify Variscite from Turquoise by the presence of Copper; Turquoise contains Copper, whereas Variscite does not.
  • Variscite, also known as Utahlite, is a very rare hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses and crusts. Rarely does it occur in crystal form, but when it does it is seen in an octahedral shape. The colors can range from light green to teal, which is similar to that of Turquoise. The green color comes from impurities of Chromium. Variscite can sometimes be seen with a white mineral called Crandallite formed within or on it. These combo specimens are highly desired by jewelers to be cut into cabochons.
  • Variscite was first discovered back in 1837 by A. Breithaupt and was named after the location it was found in, the ancient German Voigtland district, Variscia. Variscite occurs in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Congo (Kinshasa), and Australia and in commercially important quantities near Fairfield, Utah, U.S. It also occurs with Apatite on islands where phosphatic solutions from guano (seafowl excrement) have altered aluminous igneous rocks.
  • Variscite is rumored to help brain-related functions, improving intellect and logic. Variscite is said to calm the brain by relieving stress and anxiety and enhance joy felt by the wearer.