Tibetan Sacred Symbols Set of 8

$ 225.00

  • Tibetan Sacred Symbols
  • Approx. 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"
  • Material : Gold Plated Copper
  • A series of 8 amulets depicting the Ashtamangala, or Auspicious Symbols found in Buddhism (most prominently Tibetan). The symbols are:
  • The Conch, symbolizing the call to Dharma, awakening devotees from the slumber of ignorance.
  • The Endless Knot, symbolizing the unity of all things.
  • The Fish, symbolizing the freedom and fearlessness of sentient beings, similar to fish in the water.
  • The Lotus, symbolizing the manifold facets of enlightenment in its many petals, as well as detachment from the world of illusion, as the lotus rises above the mud.
  • The Parasol, representing the protection of all under the Dharma.
  • The Vase, or Pot, symbolizing the health and wealth that follows from the teachings, as well as the limitlessness of the Dharma, as a Pot that never empties.
  • The Dharmachakra, or Wheel of the Dharma, the 8 spoked wheel representing the Eightfold Path of Buddhist practice.
  • Lastly, the Victory Banner, representing the triumph of the Buddha over the hindrances to enlightenment.