Tetela Mwadi Mask, Democratic Republic of Congo #58

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  • Tetela Mwadi Mask, Democratic Republic of Congo #58
  • Collector and Photographer John Noble White, an educational missionary at the Minga Methodist Mission in Shaba Province, identified these type Masks as Mwadi. Tetela Mask owners were known as "Wizards", who used masks for "New Moon Ceremonies" and for Funerals and Weddings.
  • Stunning Tetela Mwadi mask from DR Congo. Their very diverse sculptures are marked by the influence of Groups living in contact with them: the Mongo, Nkutschu, Binji and Mputu, Kuba and Songye Ethnic Groups.
  • Great tubular eyes on either side of a powerful pointed nose, gaping geometric mouth, topped in fan motif and feathers, form here the embodiment of a Tutelary Spirit. Powerful vertical lines with white ochre highlights. Songye People's influence is notable. Interesting mask in good condition with strong traces of Ritual Use and wear use.
  • Measurements: 60×25×14 cm
  • Custom Base included
  • Origin is Democratic Republic of Congo