Temple Guardian Nat As Min Kyawzwa Ca.1950 3

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  • Temple Guardian Nat As Min Kyawzwa Ca.1950 3
  • Legend recounts that after the fall of Pagan, the Kingdom broke up into minor Kingdoms, but two strong new kingdoms rose to dominance; Ava in Upper Burma and Pegu in lower Burma. King Minhkaung I (1373–1422) of the Northern Kingdom of Ava and King Razadarit (1368-1421) of Pegu in the lower part of Burma struggled for supremacy.
  • This wood carving is believed to depict Minhkaung’s son Minya Kyawswa, (1391-1415).
  • The prince was his father King Minkhaung I's best and most trusted general. Between 1406 and 1415, the father and son team waged war on all of Ava's neighbors, and nearly succeeded in reassembling the Pagan Empire under Ava's leadership. On the cusp of final victory, he was wounded in a battle near Twante–Dala, and captured in March 1415. The crown prince of Ava refused treatment, and died shortly after. He was 24. In Burmese popular folklore, "he died shouting defiance with his last breath".
  • Minkhaung and Minye Kyawswa's struggles against Razadarit are retold as classic stories of legend in Burmese popular culture. Minye Kyawswa's name is still invoked alongside the names of greatest warrior kings of Burmese history. He has also entered the pantheon of Burmese nats (spirits) as Maung Minbyu as well as Min Kyawzwa in some versions..
  • Approx. 18" tall x 5" wide x 13" long
  • Material; wood, paint and gold leaf
  • From Burma