Baule Tamba Heirloom Waist/ Necklace Beads 1

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  • Original Tamba Heirloom Waist/ Necklace Beads 1
  • Used by the Baule of Central Cote d"Ivoire as Prestige Adornment
  • A Tamba is a traditional multi stranded waist/ sometimes neck adornment seen in several Tribal Groups in West Africa. This Tamba is composed of multi-stranded European glass seed beads from the Early to Late 20th Century that in past African History were used as an important and exotic trade commodity. 
  • Young women of a Marriageable Age might adorn their waists with these stunning multi-strand creations to enhance their natural beauty and to draw a potential suitor's eye and attention.
  • Approx. 30" long 
  • Bead Approx. 2mm to 3mm
  • Mid 20th Century
  • Origin is Baule People in Cote d'Ivoire