Sunstone 8mm Round Necklace with Gold Filled Trigger Clasp

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  • Sunstone 8mm Round Necklace with Gold Filled Trigger Clasp
  • Approx. 16.5"
  • Bead size approx. 8mm
  • String on soft flex wire
  • Sunstone is the golden variety of feldspar. Sunstone is typically a red-brown hue, with a metallic glitter which is caused by tiny platelets of Hematite or Goethite. It is found in Norway, Siberia, and the United States. In 1987 Sunstone was named the state mineral of the state of Oregon in the USA. The Oregon Sunstone is unique in that it is the only Sunstone containing copper crystals. There are myths that ancient cultures valued Sunstone, and it was thought to have magical properties and could be used to invoke the energies associated with the sun. More common folklore rumors that Sunstone promotes good humor, cheerfulness, builds self-confidence and a sense of freedom