Suleiman Agate Strand Necklace

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  • Suleiman Agate Strand Necklace
  • Approx. 26" long
  • Bead size approx. 18mm and 23mm x 40mm
  • Suleiman agates, or Solomon’s agates, are a highly revered bead throughout the Near East and Central Asia that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. While some say the name comes from the secret location they were originally mined from, which only King Solomon knew, others say that they were once plain, unpatterned agates that only developed bands after being in the possession of the famous King himself and his fabled wisdom. They were said to impart to the possessor that same knowledge and power, as well as the ability to control djinn (genies).
  • For many Tibetans, they were known as Bhaisajyaguru beads, or Medicine Buddha beads. They were prized by families and passed from generation to generation for their ability to preserve health and heal illness, and even exercise power over death in some exceptional cases.