Mookite Jasper Specimen #105

$ 125.00

  • Mookite Jasper Specimen #105
  • Measures approx. 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 2"
  • Mookaite Jasper is a physically stabilizing stone thought to boost the immune system and help counter the effects of aging. It is considered highly restorative for tissue deterioration of the internal organs, and useful in treating cystitis, high blood sugar, and disorders of the kidneys and bladder.
  • Mookaite Jasper is a type of quartz/ chalcedony that comes from a specific area in Australia. In the traditional aboriginal language, the word mooka means ‘running waters’, and it also pertains to the many springs that run into the Mooka area. The meaning of this stones' name relates to the place where it is comes from, on the Mooka Station located near the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia.