Soapstone Tree of Great Peace

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  • The Tree of Great Peace Legend:
  • The Great Peacemaker, sometimes referred to as Deganawida, along with Hiawatha, founded the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois Confederacy, a political and cultural union of several Native American tribes residing in the present-day state of New York.
  • When the Peacemaker created the Iroquois Peace League some 500 years ago, he uprooted a great white pine tree, and into the underground cavity threw the Weapons of War. He replanted the tree over the weapons so that the tree might grow again and strengthen. The Four White Roots of Peace spread to the cardinal directions so that the Nations of Mankind might trace their paths along them and seek shelter beneath the Tree's nurturing shade. On top of the Tree, he placed the Far Seeing Eagle to give warning to Mankind when a danger approached the Roots of Peace.
  • Material is hand carved soap stone on a deerskin strap with glass "crow" beads.
  • Measures
  • Origin is Onondaga craftspeople in Canada.