Shaka Nyorai Japanese Style White Jade Buddha Pendant #42 - 2

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  • Shaka Nyorai Japanese Style White Jade Buddha Pendant #42 - 2 
  • Shaka Nyorai is the Japanese name of Shakyamuni, or Gautama Buddha.
  • Buddhism has been practiced in Japan since about the sixth century CE. Japanese Buddhism (Nihon Bukkyō) has given birth to numerous new Buddhist Schools, many of which trace themselves to Chinese Buddhist Traditions. Japanese Buddhism has had a major influence on Japanese society and culture and remains an influential aspect to this day.
  • The Dhyana Mudra is the Mudra of Meditation, of Concentration on the Good Law, and of the Attainment of Spiritual Perfection. According to tradition, this Mudra derives from the one assumed by The Buddha when meditating under the Pipal Tree before His Enlightenment.
  • Measures approx.: 2.85"L x 1.65"W x 1"T
  • Materials: Hand Carved Pure White Jade framed in a beautifully stamped White Brass frame.
  • Handcrafted Frame from Tibet/ Nepal and The Buddha is hand carved Nephrite Jade from China