Rutilated Quartz Rounds Stretch Bracelet 12mm OR 13mm

$ 145.00
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  • This listing is for ONE Rutilated Quartz Stretch Bracelet-Please specify size when ordering
  • There is a choice of Dark or Light- Please specify when ordering
  • Bead Size 12mm OR 13mm round shape
  • Fits up to 7.5" wrist size
  • Strung on high quality elastic cord
  • Rutilated quartz refers to quartz crystal with inclusions of the mineral Rutile.  The inclusions resemble either red or gold bars “shooting” through the stone.  Rutilated quartz has also been called “Cupid’s Darts,” “Angel Hair Quartz,” and “Fleches d’amour.”  Stone lore suggests that it is a very energizing stone, that can help bring happiness and overcome mental disorders.