Ruby Zoisite Stretch Bracelet 6mm

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    • Ruby Zoisite Stretch Bracelet 6mm
    • Size Approx. 6 1/2"
    • Bead Approx. 6mm
    • Ruby-Zoisite, also known as Anylolite, is a combination of Ruby crystals formed with green/black Zoisite (Tschemakite). Most specimens will display three colors -- green, black and red. Zoisite, the same mineral as Tanzanite, provides an earthy green and black color while Ruby lends pink and red highlights. Ruby-Zoisite was first discovered in 1954 in Tanzania. The name anyolite derives from the word for "green" in the native language of the Massai. Contemporary stone folklore rumors Ruby-Zoisite increases one’s sense of individuality, increases self confidence and helps us realize one's true potential.
    • Hand-crafted at Beads of Paradise NYC