"Sherpa Coral" Antique Red Glass Multistrand 5 Strand Tamba / Necklace

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Old "Sherpa Coral" Glass Beads takes their name from the Tribal People who live at the foothills of the Himalayas. Glass beads such as these are coveted due to their unique coral color and beautiful finish.

These beautiful worn examples were created approx 1900-1920's in the Bohemian Glass Workshops of Eastern Europe. 

Sherpa Coral Beads were originally created as affordable substitutes for real Mediterranean Coral Beads that were used as high value trade currency in Tibet and  the Himalayan Region of Nepal.

The Sherpas are perhaps best known as guides to Mount Everest mountain climbers. They also are craftspeople, monks, farmers, writers, philosophers and traders for whom Clans and Lineage rule Society. Among related Peoples are the Limbus, Rais, Magars, Gurungs, Thankalis and Tamangs.
Most believe that wearing coral, and red in general, brings good health and fortune. OftenTibetan and Nepali Heirloom Beads are seen as important auspicious stones, especially Dzi Agates, Turquoise, and Gold. Small metal Prayer Boxes called Gau are worn in a variety of metals dependent on their owner's means. 

When real sea coral could not be acquired or afforded by the Sherpas, they found glass likenesses also satisfy. As early as the l700s, Sherpas turned to trading with Chinese and Indian glassmakers — even craftspeople from as far away as Italy and Bohemia — to produce these glass likenesses of Coral, and soon it became known as "Sherpa Coral".

Today, authentic old Sherpa Coral — while still worn and passed down thru generations of the Sherpa People — is quite difficult to find. 

5 strands at approx. measurements: 28” each. Still strung on Original Cotton Cord, with several strong repairs and knots.