"Plentiful" Fish Hand Carved Cow Horn Pendant

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  • "Plentiful" Fish Hand Carved Cow Horn Pendant
  • Fish symbols in Traditional Chinese Culture represent Abundance and Wealth.
  • The Chinese character for Fish (yu 鱼) is pronounced the same as the Chinese character for "Abundance" or "Surplus" (yu 余).  The Fish symbol is, therefore, frequently associated with other symbols and Chinese characters to symbolize the wish for "More" in the sense of "More" Good Luck, Good Fortune, Long Life and Many Children.
  • To express the wish for "Having More Happiness Year after Year" a charm may use the Chinese character 年 (nian) for Year, and also include a picture of a Fish, a Lotus and a Magpie.  The Fish (yu 鱼) represents "More" (yu 余).  The character 莲 for Lotus and the character 连 meaning "in succession or one after another", as in expressing Year After Year, are both pronounced lian.  The Magpie (xi que 喜鹊) is pronounced the same as Happiness . So the Fish, Lotus, Magpie and the Chinese character 年 (Year) together would have the implied meaning of "More" "Happiness" "Year after Year".
  • Because of its reproductive abilities, the Fish also represents Fertility in Marriage.
  • The Fish is one of the Eight Buddhist Symbols of Good Fortune
  • Measure Approx. 2 1/4" wide x 1" high
  • Highly skilled traditional artisan hand carving from China