Nok Sarkika "The Golden Tongued Celestial Magpie" Charm Amulet -19

$ 125.00

  • Nok Sarkika "The Golden Tongued Celestial Magpie" Charm Amulet -19
  • Measure Approx. 3 1/4" long x 2 1/4" wide x 1" thick 
  • The Nok Sarika (or, ‘Salika') is a Golden Tongued Heavenly Bird related to the Magpie, which is attributed with immense Metta Mahaniyom (Receive Compassion, Good Will and Preference) and Maha Sanaeh (Holder of Great Charm) qualities, and is along one of the Best Devas (Spirits) to seek assistance in "Jerajaa" (Discussion, Negotiation) magic. The Golden Tongued Sarika Bird enchants and charms the listeners of he who possesses the Wicha (Magic), bringing a hypnotic and charming effect to influence and convince, making people see things the way the charm's owner presents.
  • If the Sarika Charm is used to aid in increased Influence and Credibility, Speaking Kindly, Gently and Truthfully with Good Intentions when used, the power of the Sarika will be Immense.When used according to the 5 Buddhist precepts, the Golden Tongued Celestial Magpie is believed in popular culture to attract Friendly Admirers and to pick up and collect Great Treasures that pass by in the Line of Fate.
  • The Sarika Bird Magical Charm are rumored to be blessed with magical powers helping people become more popular, endearing, and convincing; safety and wealth fortune (including both direct and indirect wealth) are thought to come to effects by benefit of Salika Amulets. Therefore, Salika amulets are preferred by businesspeople, sales people, publicists, entertainers, and celebrities.