Meditating Buddha Amulet in Enameled Case with Crystals

$ 58.00

  • Meditating Buddha in Enameled Case with Crystals
  • The case is hand stamped/ etched sheet brass that has been lovingly enameled and then set with delicate glass crystals. There is a protective plastic window/ covering set in the face of the case to protect The Buddha Image.
  • The Buddha is sitting in a lotus position a with hands resting in His lap. This position is referred to as the Meditating Posture with the hands in Concentrating Mudra.
  • This is the "Thursday Buddha Image"
  • Certain events in the Life of the Buddha are thought to have occurred on certain days. The Buddha Images representing these events, are thus also associated with the days on which they occurred.
  • Hand molded clay traditionally made at Local Monastaries and left in the sun to dry and harden.
  • Measure approx. 2" long x 1 1/4" wide x 1/2" thick
  • Origin is Thailand