Nepalese Thangka ca. 1950, #3

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  • Fine Nepalese Thangka ca. 1950
  • Measure Approx. 52"x 32"
  • The translation of the Tibetan word Thang Ka is 'recorded message that can be rolled'. Travelling monks and lamas in Tibetan Buddhism used Thangkas to spread and teach the stories about the religion of Buddhism. Thangkas were normally used by these lamas and monks as they could be rolled and unrolled, which provided the ease of transportation in order to suit the needs of many nomadic clans in the region of Tibet. These paintings communicate and spread a message to a practitioner and help them to lead themselves towards the teaching of Buddhism. Also, the Thangkas are also used as a medium by many people to aid themselves in meditation through the visual representation of a deity. The Thangkas also fulfill the purpose in many ceremonies as they can be unrolled on certain holidays or festival for the locals and followers to view and worship.