Natural Marble Dzi Style Bead Necklace, E

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  • Natural Marble Dzi Style Bead Necklace, E
  • Approx. 24 1/2" long
  • Bead Size : 11mm x 21mm to 28mm x 72mm
  • Dzi bead is a type of stone bead that are worn as Protective Amulets / Talisman, and can be used as part of a necklace or bracelet. In Asian cultures, notably that of Tibet, the bead is considered to provide positive spiritual benefit. In the past, Dzi beads were prized as protective amulets and believed so powerful that they sometimes were even ground into a powder to be used in traditional Tibetan medicine. 
  • The most highly prized Dzi beads are those of ancient age, made of natural agate. The original source of these beads was most likely India. While the traditional, ancient-style beads are greatly preferred, new modern-made Dzi are gaining popularity amongst Tibetans.
  • The meaning of the Tibetan word "Dzi" [གཟི།] translates to "shine, brightness, clearness, splendor." In Mandarin Chinese, Dzi are called "Heaven's Bead" or "Heaven's Pearl" (天珠; tiān zhū).
  • Dzi stones made their first appearance between 2000 and 1000 BC, in ancient India: a few hundred thousand were supposedly brought back by Tibetan soldiers from Persia or ancient Tajikistan during a raid. The malicious effect of the “evil eye” was taken very seriously by these people. Dzi were considered to counteract the evil eye. The artisans who made the dzi created amulets with “eyes” on them as a “fight fire with fire” form of protection.