Natural Grade A White Jadeite Jade Dragon and Phoenix Pendant Necklace #44-1226

$ 78.00

  • Natural Grade A White Jadeite Jade Dragon and Phoenix Pendant Necklace #44-1226
  • The Dragon and the Phoenix are two very powerful and important symbols of Chinese Mythology.
  • As per Feng Shui, the Phoenix Bird is the most popular Symbol of Love. The symbol of pairing of Phoenix with Dragon represents Marital Happiness. Phoenix represents the ultimate Love Symbol. The amazingly determined positive energy of a Phoenix can far surpass any other energy in increasing the love and affection between a Couple.
  • The Dragon characterizes Strength and Passion. The Phoenix, on the other hand, represents Kindness and Tenderness. The Dragon and Phoenix together demonstrate the Balance between Yin(陰) and Yang(陽), the Contrary Forces that give rise to each other.
  • A Dragon and a Phoenix live on opposite sides of a Magic River. One day they meet on an Island and discover a shiny pebble. The Dragon washes it and the Phoenix polishes it until it becomes a Pearl. The Pearl's brilliant light attracts the attention of the Queen of Heaven, and that night She sends a guard to steal it
    while the Dragon and Phoenix are sleeping.
    The next morning, the Dragon and Phoenix search everywhere and eventually see their Pearl shining in the sky. They fly up to retrieve it, but the Pearl falls down and becomes a Lake on the ground below.
    The Dragon and the Phoenix lie down beside the Lake, and are still there today in the guise of Dragon Mountain and Phoenix Mountain.
    The story is based on The Bright Pearl, a Chinese folk tale. Chinese Dragons are
    typically depicted without wings (although they are able to fly), and are associated with Water and Wisdom. Chinese Phoenixes are Immortal, and do not need to die and then be reborn. They are associated with Loyalty and Honesty.
    The Dragon and Phoenix are often linked to the Male Yin and Female Yang
  • Approx.  50mm 
  • Highly skilled Traditional Artisan hand carving from China.