Burmese Nat Figure Amay Yay Yin "Mother of the Stream of Soft Water Underground"

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  • Burmese Nat Figure Amay Yay Yin "Mother of the Stream of Soft Water Underground", (also known as Yayin Kadaw) is a prominent Burmese Nat. She is also known to be one of the Five Mother Nats as Anauk Medaw (The West Mother). Other names are Amay Gyi or Shin Htoo. 
  • Approx. 23.5" tall x 6.5" wide x 5.5" deep
  • Ca. Early to Mid 20th Century
  • Her origin is Burma
  • Her local followers believe that by honoring her they will have a productive harvest, successful business, support to increase their crops and health. If a well dug about 300 feet in the area of Amay Yay Yin, water goes out naturally from the water pipes to on the surface of ground. She is a nature spirit within the special group of 37 royal Nats.
  • A Nat, in Burmese folk religion, are a group of Spirits that are the objects of an extensive, probably pre-Buddhist cult. In Thailand, a similar spirit is called Phi (Ghost). The most important of the Nats are a group collectively called the “Thirty-Seven,” made up of spirits of human beings who have died violent or "Green" deaths. They are capable of protecting the believer when kept properly propitiated and of causing harm when offended or ignored.
  • Other types of Nats are Nature Spirits; Hereditary Nats, whose annual tribute is an inherited obligation; and Village Nats, who protect a community from wild animals, bandits, and illness and whose shrine is attached to a tree or pole near the entrance to the village. Most households also hang a coconut from the southeast pillar of the house in honor of Min Mahagir, the House Protecting Nat.
  • Nats are appeased by offerings of food or flowers, given on all important occasions