Naga Heirloom Necklace -5

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  • Naga Heirloom Necklace in the original configuration.
  • Hand-wound Naga "Coral and Amber Glass" Heirloom Beads were originally hand wound glass trade beads created in the late 19th century up until the mid 20th century in China, and made to resemble precious red coral and golden amber. These richly colored beads were later traded among Naga people in Northern India and Burma. Because of their rarity and desirability, these "foreign" glass beads became treasured heirlooms among the Naga people. This fine original example was strung with other indigenous Naga heirlooms of antique brass currency bells and highly prized shell ornaments. 
  • From neck to inner strand approx. 30", to outer strand 40" long
  • Bead Size Approx. 10mm x7mm, 17mm x 10mm
  • Bells hang from neck approx. 7", Shell hangs approx. 4 1/2"
  • This tribal necklace is on its original cotton cording as it was found in Northern India Nagaland and collected in the 1970's original configuration on braided wax cotton.