Mother of Pearl Faceted Rounds 12mm Strand

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    • Mother of Pearl Faceted Rounds 12mm Strand 
    • Approx. 15 1/2" long
    • Make this Gem Strand Into A Necklace
    • Mother of Pearl is the inner part of a shell produced by some mollusks.  It is the part of the shell that creates nacre, the glossy outer layer of pearls. Pearls and the inside layer of Pearl oyster and freshwater Pearl mollusk shells are made of nacre. The nacre is continuously deposited onto the inner surface of the shell, the iridescent nacreous layer, commonly known as Mother of Pearl. The layers of nacre smooth the shell surface and help defend the soft tissues against parasites and damaging debris by entombing them in successive layers of nacre, forming either a blister Pearl attached to the interior of the shell, or a free pearl within the mantle tissues. The process is called encystation and it continues as long as the mollusk lives.Caviar spoons are normally made out of Mother of Pearl so it does not impart a metallic taste as metal spoons do. Folklore says that Mother of Pearl contains the healing powers of the sea.