Moonstone "AAA" 8mm Smooth Rounds

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  • Moonstone "AAA" 8mm Smooth Rounds
  • Approx Measurements: 15.5"
  • Make this Gem Strand Into A Necklace
  • Moonstone owes its name to the white, almost magical shimmer that resembles the Shine of the Moon. Gemologists call this phenomena adularescence, which originates from the interior structure of the gemstone in scales which exhibit multicolor flashes. 
  • Moonstone can range from colorless to blue, peach, violet, green, pink, chocolate or gray with a silvery sheen. This iridescence is known as a "schiller", but in moonstone it is called adularescence. Clarity ranges from transparent to translucent.
  • Moonstone is one of the Modern June Birthstones and an accepted gem for the 13th Wedding Anniversary.
  • Moonstone is found in Australia, the United States, Madagascar, Mexico, and Sri Lanka. This gemstone was extremely popular in the times of "Art Nouveau", more than 100 years ago. Moonstone was used to decorate a striking amount of pieces of jewelry created by the famous French Master-Goldsmith René Lalique and his contemporaries.
  • Old legends say Moonstone was used in jewelry by the Romans who believed that the stone was formed from the Light of the Moon. Moonstone is considered by many a Sacred Stone in India. 
  • Traditional Stone Lore rumors Moonstones have a deep connection with Women, and aides in balancing hormones, helps relieve PMS, increases fertility, and eases the pain of childbirth.
  • For men, it's said to help in opening up one’s emotional self.