Mauritanian Heirloom Arca Shell Currency Beads

$ 685.00

  • Mauritanian Heirloom Arca Shell Currency Beads
  • Approx. 40" long
  • Bead Approx. 18mm x 29mm to 24mm x 63mm
  • These elegant, well worn beads were cut from the outer shell, where the ridges were most prominent, which became a landmark identifier of this type of shell currency bead. Often called "Hippo Teeth" because of their dramatic size and ridge formations, these treasured Heirloom Currency Beads were always made only from shell, and never an actual Hippo tooth bone.
  • This necklace is the original configuration that the beads were found in, and later lovingly restrung on a cotton cord and interspaced with Indian two layer "White Heart" Beads for an accent to bring out the shell's natural beauty and color.