Mangowood, Chrysoprase and Mosaic Quartz Beads Elastic Bracelet with Brass Accents

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  • Mangowood, Chrysoprase and Mosaic Quartz Beads Elastic Bracelet with Brass Accents
  • Bracelet approx. 7.25"
  • Chrysoprase, Mosaic Quartz and Mangowood Bead Size Approx.10mm
  • Chrysoprase is the green variety of Chalcedony that is found mainly in Australia.  Trace amounts of nickel give Chrysoprase its apple green color. Chrysoprase is one of the Star Signs for Gemini. It is found in Australia, Brazil, the Ural Mountains, and the U.S. and is the rarest of the Chalcedony group.
  • Chrysoprase was used by the Greeks, Romans, and the Egyptians in jewelry and other ornamental objects and it was often mistaken for Imperial Jadeite. Chrysoprase is considered one of the most valuable Chalcedony gem stones; Chrysoprase is prized for its color and rarity. It is said in folklore to banish greed, selfishness, and carelessness, and helps stir the imagination. 
  • Handcrafted at Beads of Paradise NYC