Makonde Ndimu Female Belly Mask, Tanzania

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  • Makonde Ndimu Female Belly Mask, Tanzania
  • This type of Body Mask is worn on the stomach of Male Dancers, during Ceremonies related to Fertility.
  • These sorts of objects can be found in many African Ethnic Groups, from the East to the West (Yoruba, Ibo, Makonde...).
  • For the Yoruba, the navel is very often surrounded with scarifications in the form of a cross, symbolizing the two parents of the Father and the ones of the Mother. 
  • Among the Makonde, Ventral Masks are named Ndimu.
  • These symbolize the transition of young children, boys and girls, to adulthood.
  • The appearance of a Ndimu mask evokes a Pregnant Woman.
  • TheDancer will mime the phases and the pain caused by Childbirth.
  • Measurements:  42×23×12 cm
  • Not sold with stand