Madhesi People Shaman Dance Mask, Nepal #705

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  • Madhesi PeopleShaman Dance Mask, Nepal #705
  • A Finely carved wooden Spirit Mask with a charming face and raised central "Third Eye" emblem. 
  • Nepali Shaman Masks are among the most primitive in use in the world, and are made by carving wood, coating it with yak butter fat, and seasoning it over a smoky fire.
  • The Shaman plays an important Social Role as the Channeler of Spirits for Healing, Purification, and Protection of those under his supervision.
  • Masks help the Shaman embody one of the Spirits that surround the Living World and use it to heal the sick, drive away evil influences, and guide Villagers through changes in their lives (birth, adulthood, changes in social status, death) that might be affected by the Spirit World. When hung in a house, the Mask serves a protective function.
  • Provenance: Collected prior to the 1980's / Private Mid West Collection.
  • Measurements: The mask measures 11 x 8 inches.
  • Stand not included. 
  • Origin is Madhesi People / Terai Plains, Southwest Nepal.