Madagascar Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet 15mm

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  • Madagascar Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet 15mm
  • Size Approx. 6 3/4" 
  • Rose Quartz is the pink variety of Quartz. Its colors range from a pastel pink to a rose pink hue, including orange and violet pink tones, which are believed to be caused by trace amounts of aluminum, phosphorous and manganese.
  • While Rose Quartz can often be very opaque with just a hint of pink, Madagascar Rose Quartz is noted for its fine translucency (soft radiating inner glow); beautiful classic ‘rose’ hues with an almost luminescent, misty appearance; a soft, subtle luster.
  • Rose Quartz is long rumored in folklore as a "love stone", and also brings gentleness, forgiveness, tolerance and eases heartache.
  • While Rose Quartz is found in many countries, the best gemstones come from Brazil and Madagascar. 
  • Madagascar Rose Quartz is from a deposit first reported in 1912 near the old village of Tsaramanga in Madagascar’s Antananarivo Province. Receiving no enhancements, Madagascan Rose Quartz is one of the few gemstones that are entirely natural.