Lotus Image Inlaid "Takrut" in Polymer Clay and Mother of Pearl Bead Pendant

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  • Lotus Image Inlaid "Takrut" in Polymer Clay and Mother of Pearl
  • "Takrut" is a type of rolled sheet metal amulet usually shaped like a stick or cylinder. The metal sheets are inscribed with magic words and symbols which are believed to strengthen and protect the powers of the wearer from physical wounds or bodily damage, as well as ward off any evil or black magic. Being made from metal, the Takrut is also believed to attract luck and good fortune.  A particularly masculine amulet, the Takrut is mentioned in Thai folklore to deflect and protect the wearer against attack by weapons. Takrut means literally "magic stick".
  • The Lotus is a universal symbol for purity, enlightenment and goodness. like the Lotus itself, rising out of the murky, dirty swamp to raise it's beautiful and pure head, It's image is believed to be a calming influence, keep the wearer on the Path of Righteousness, and ward off evil, misfortune and worldly temptations.
  • Materials: hand rolled sheet copper Takrut overlaid with flexible polymer clay and lovingly hand inlaid with mother of pearl to create sacred images of the Lotus and protective runes.
  • Measure Approx. 3 3/4" long x 9/16" diameter
  • Origin is Thailand