Lobi Bateba Figure Ca. 1920 (1)

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  • Lobi Bateba Figure Ca. 1920 (1)
  • Approx. 7" tall x 1 3/4" wide x 2" deep
  • From Cote d"Ivoire
  • Traditional Lobi communities are united by adherence to the Cult of a Nature Spirit called "Thila", and the rules that determine correct social behavior within the community are the rules that the Spirit dictates through the Diviner, the "Thildar". The Thila themselves are Invisible Spirits of Nature with supernatural abilities and powers that can be used for malevolent or benevolent ends.
  • Lobi Bateba figures were placed on Traditional Animist Altars to act as Spirit Intermediaries between this world and the Spirit World. The shape and physical characteristics of Batebas are determined by revelations transmitted by Seers or Diviners to their supplicants. The figures are created in varying styles which have unique purposes, but the the historical role of all Batebas is to protect against Witchcraft, Evil Spells and Sickness, and also to bring Wealth, Fertility, Strength and Well Being to whoever owns and cares for them.