Lepidolite Earrings with Sterling Silver French Ear wires

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  • Lepidolite Earrings with Sterling Silver French Ear wires
  • Approx. 2 1/8" drop from ear
  • Bead Size Approx. 40mm x 10mm
  • Lepidolite is a lilac-gray or rose-violet colored lithium-bearing mineral of the Mica group. It is associated with other lithium-bearing minerals like Spodumene. Other associated minerals include Quartz, Feldspar, Amblygonite, Tourmaline, Columbite Cassiterite, Topaz and Beryl. When Lepidolite was first discovered in the 1700's, it was given the name Lilalite, for its lavender color. Scientists eventually renamed the stone Lepidolite, from the Greek lepidos meaning "scale." The reference is to the scaly appearance of lithium flakes in the mineral. Lepidolite ranges in color from lilac-gray to rose; it is the presence of lithium that lends it the distinctive color. It has a vitreous (glassy) to pearly luster. Lepidolite is a major source of the element lithium, the world's lightest metal. Lithium has many important industrial applications: it is used in rechargeable batteries, alloys for aircraft parts, and in appliances. Lithium compounds are used in mobile phones and mood-stabilizing drugs. Deposits have been found in Brazil, Russia, California, Mexico and Canada. In contemporary stone lore, Lepidolite is rumored to release and reorganize of old patterns of behavior and psychology, gently inducing change, emotional healing, and reducing stress and depression. Lepidolite is thought to dissipate negativity.
  • Handcrafted at Beads of Paradise NYC