Lega Lukwakongo Mask, Democratic Republic of Congo

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  • Lega Lukwakongo Mask, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Superb Lega Lukwakongo Mask
  • Nice little mask, visibly old, very expressive despite its absence of a mouth, a relatively rare characteristic. Lukwakongo maskettes are small and light wooden masks belonging to high-ranking members of the Bwami (rank Yananio). This type of mask was used in the cult of the Bwami, a level society whose rites were reserved for the initiates. This association organized the social structure and ensured the stability of the Lega community.
  • The Lega are a Bantu forest people of Central Africa, established mainly in the east of the Congo Drc, east of the Lwalaba River (the Congo River), up to the altitude in the Mitumba Mountains, in the provinces of South Kivu and Maniema.
  • Origins: Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Materials: Wood, Vegetal fibers
  • Measurements: About 6 1/4 Inches high, 10 inches with the beard
  • Condition: Excellent with Fine Ritual Patina
  • Base is included
  • Circa 1920-40's