Lega Kakula ka Mpito Figure, Zaire with PROVENANCE #325

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  • Lega Kakula ka Mpito Figure, Zaire with PROVENANCE #325
  • A carved wooden Shrine Figure with well handled surface and accented with kaolin clay pigments. Such sculptures are the property of Graduates of the Bwami Initiatory Society that governed the Social and Moral order among the Lega peoples, DRC/ Zaire, Africa.
  • "Kakulu ka Mpito was duped by the adulterous Waiyinda or by Mukobania, 'the divider,' who caused trouble by calling together people whom he did not
    know well for a beer party. Though Kakulu ku Mpito is not personally responsible for ritual pollution or social discord, sculptures of this type are
    nevertheless often executed either without arms or with arms severely reduced and undifferentiated from the torso. The lack of formal balance is
    augmented by an extremely large head. Since Kakulu ka Mpito is a victim of antisocial beheavior, it could be argued that it expresses the negative
    effects of, rather than the factors contributing to, discord in Lega society." (Source - Sotheby's November 1999, Lot 105)
  • Measurements: The figure measures 10.5 inches tall.
  • Provenance: Noted collection of Bernd Muhlack, Kiel, Germany.
  • Condition: Good, well handled, wear on nose bridge