Lega Iginga Figure, Congo #30

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  • Lega Iginga Figure, Congo #30
  • Lega, Balega, or even Warega, is distinguished by its Initiation Figures some of which were kept in a basket for the highest-ranking Bwami Members of different Communities.
  • This type of Figure called Iginga ( Maginga in the plural), was the property of the high-ranking Members of the Bwami, a Secret Society admitting men and their wives, and Governing Social and Community Life. This Organization was subdivided into Initiatory Stages, the highest being the Kindi.
    The Figures were used in the course of the Initiation of the aspirants. Each one is a representation with a particular form and meaning from which a moral or dogma is always derived. The particularity of the Lega, contrary to other Ethnic Groups, is to judge the quality of their ritual objects according to their efficacy.
  • Measurements: 14.17 Inch height